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February 2015

How to sell the value of a developer community to your boss

January 2014

Use @dataProvider to reduce duplication and improve the maintainability of your tests

February 2013

Slides: Simply Scale w/ Nginx, PHP-FPM, Memcached + APC @ SoFlo PHP
Simply scale with Nginx, Memcached, PHP-FPM and APC

January 2013

Common JavaScript "Gotchas"
My Programming Heroes: Douglas Crockford
2013 Programming Podcasts for the New Year
Looking back on 2012, ahead to 2013

December 2012

First Impressions: Cloud9 IDE + PHP

June 2012

Why cant someone just make a good IDE for PHP?

April 2012

Fighting Fear-Driven-Development w/ PHPUnit Slides

March 2012

Enforcing contracts in your PHP functions and methods

November 2011

The Lithium Way - Introduction to Lithium PHP slides

October 2011

Executing raw MySQL queries in Lithium
Per-Route Response Caching in Lithium PHP

August 2011

Using an AppController in Lithium PHP to pass data to the layout
Understanding Filters in Lithium PHP
Super Simple Lithium PHP JSON Web Service Calls
How to add a HTML button element using Lithium PHPs FormHelper
Introducing the jQuery easyBars plugin - Simple Progress Meters
Adding a Session Flash Message to your site in Lithium PHP

July 2011

July 2011 Podcasts for Web Developers, Programmers and Software Engineers
Combine serialized form ajax post data with an arbitrary object using jQuery

June 2011

Protect your career with these 5 Web Development technologies
Automatically reload node.js files with Supervisor
Unit Testing Models with Phactory and PHPUnit
Building your first node.js app – Part 3: View-Controller pattern w/ Mustache
Podcasts for Programmers, Developers and Web Designers

May 2011

Building your first node.js app - Part 2: Building the web server and request dispatcher
Building your first node.js app - Part 1: Installing node on Windows 7
Your form fields are all broken on iOS / Mobile Safari
Keeping your Handlebars.js templates organized
Try out Handlebars.js javascript templating in your browser!

December 2010

You cant do a natural sort on a string column in MySQL
Tutorial: Issue tracking with Lighthouse and Beanstalk/GitHub
Diving in to Git

September 2010

WordPress vs. CakePHP as a blogging platform

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