2013 Programming Podcasts for the New Year


I have a long drive to work, and one of the things I do to pass the time regularly is listen to podcasts in the car. I really enjoy programming podcasts and conference talk recordings, and it's a really great way to educate yourself on the go. I wanted to throw a shout out to some podcasts that I haven't previously mentioned on the blog and hopefully turn on a few new listeners.

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Looking back on 2012, ahead to 2013


I'm usually not a fan of these posts, but I felt that doing some reflection would be therapeutic for me. Fair Warning: this post is probably going to be very self-indulgent.

In 2012:

Some regrets and sadness in 2012:

  • I regret not giving more talks, although life definitely got in the way
  • I wanted to see Robert Martin talk since he was in the area, but missed it
  • My co-worker Conrad shipped off to Atlanta! There are special people in life that teach you things from another perspective and Conrad is definitely one of them.
  • Election Season wasn't nearly as exciting as I had hoped (the primaries sucked out all the energy).

Now for this year's docket. In 2013:

  • I will attend SunshinePHP, my first large conference right here in South Florida!
  • I really want to go to PHPTek13 in Chicago, which will hopefully be a watershed moment
  • Take the Zend Certification Exam for PHP 5.3
  • I am giving a presentation about Nginx and Memcache at my local PHP user group
  • Spend more time playing Minecraft with my soon to be 4 year-old son. Seriously this is the best.
  • Play less games. My Steam collection is about 142 games and growing and I'm not even counting other sources of games. I must have put hundreds of hours into games this year.
  • Write more blog posts. In 2012, I only wrote something like 5 blog posts compared to around 22 for 2011.
  • Finish more software! (https://github.com/jblotus) Seriously I start something like project per week, and usually throw code in it for a day and abandon it. Truthfully I usually do this to play with new libraries and such but it would be nice to actually release something.

So that's all I can think about right now. Here's to the new year! Thanks for reading.

First Impressions: Cloud9 IDE + PHP


I love programming, but admittedly I absolutely hate setting up local development environments. I have been using tools like Vagrant and Puppet to help ease the pain, but even then I find it tedious to get a quick project off the ground. This inevitably leads to me making some master development VM, but this stuff takes time and can kill an idea before I even lay down a single line of code. Well, what if I didn't need to bother with that boring stuff anymore? I have been hearing about the Cloud9 online code editor for a long time (based on the ACE Editor) and thought maybe it would be suitable for some node.js development. Little did I know how many features they are packing now for free into this awesome web applicaiton.

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