This is a talk I gave at the South Florida PHP Users Group about Nginx, PHP-FPM, Memcached, identifying bottlenecks and other topics related to website performance.

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  • Jonas

    “File system does not scale well” — whaa..? A file system is A LOT simpler to scale out than any database. How do you think supercomputers do it? Do you think they persist data in 100k node SQL clusters? Not likely.

    The VFS makes file systems really really fast. It’s not somethink userspace can ever come close to. In fact, in my testing storing small files to disk is _faster_ than Redis storing values in memory.

    So, in short, do store stuff in the filesystem whenever it makes sense. It’s fast, portable, and easy to scale.

    • j_blotus

      The file system does present challenges for scaling websites, but I do agree with your comment “do store stuff in the filesystem whenever it makes sense” [sic]

  • Trent powell

    James, I noticed you created, I would be interested in talking more but can’t seem to find your email address. Thanks Trent Powell