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My last article on podcasts for programmers, web developers and designers got some traction within the developer community. In response, I want to featuring a more developer podcasts as I find them. Surprisingly, some of these podcasts are very hard to find just by browsing iTunes so this list should be useful to any developer scouring for new tech podcasts. A few new shows came out recently like The Javascript Show & Node Up. In addition I want to spotlight a few long running shows that I have previously omitted but nonetheless have a great backlog of content like SE Radio and web pulp TV.

The Javascript Show Podcast LogoThe Javascript Show

With the emergence of Javascript as a first-class language, it seems that the time is right for a podcast that focuses exclusively on all things JS. Hosted by podcast veterans Jason Seifer and Peter Cooper (of Ruby Show fame), this podcast offers analysis and commentary on the newest happenings in the javascript world. You can expect to hear about the latest javascript libraries, pot-stirring blog posts and newest releases of popular projects like jQuery, node, CoffeeScript and more. If you miss 5by5′s "The Dev Show" (also starring Seifer), the Javascript Show offers the same sardonic style that grumpy devs know and love.

Node Up Podcast LogoNode Up

Node Up is (as of this post) a brand new podcast hosted by notable Node Community members and features a round-table discussion format among the hosts. I am an aspiring Node developer, so getting insights from these guys will help you crack the node.js enigma that seems so hard to explain from the outside.

Notable Guests/Hosts include: Isaac Schlueter (creator of npm - node package manager),  James Halliday (browserling), Felix Geisendörfer (transloadit, debugabble), Mikeal Rogers, and more!


Webpulp.tv logoWebpulp.tv

Webpulp.tv has a different vibe from almost any other podcast I have listened to. Although technically a video podcast (not a screencast), each episode has host Josh Owens in a face to face interview with top tech nerds about the technologies that are using to power their ideas. This podcast really dives deep into the actual architecture of some major companies and websites that is frankly what I think makes this show stand out.

**Notable Guests and topics include: **Yehuda Katz on the SproutCore framework, Mark Imbriaco on HerokuIlya Grigorik on Scaling Postrank using Ruby and Eventmachine, Baron Schwartz from Percona on MySQL, and too many more to list.

Software Engineering Radio PodcastSoftware Engineering Radio

SE Radio is a long running podcast that focus on all things software creation. This podcast covers a wide variety of topics like supercomputing, sql and nosql, Agile Development, development strategies and testing. I had a hard time dealing with some of the accent issues of the host, but the content more than makes up for those quibbles. Also this is one of the few shows that feels truly language agnostic and focus on the craft of software and computing as a whole.

Notable Shows include: Game Development with Andrew Brownsword (Electronic Arts)The History of JUnit and the Future of Testing with Kent BeckRich Hickey on Clojure, and my favorite, Software Craftsmanship with Bob Martin. Check the site for a full list!

WebDevRadio logoWebDevRadio

WebDevRadio is a podcast that offers quality interviews with developers of new and notable projects, rundowns of of interesting new sites or events or coverage of upcoming major releases. I have only caught a few episodes of the show but I find the host very easy to listen to and generally the podcast is well put together. They do have a few filler shows which seem more like check-in's than about new content, but the content is good when you get it.

Notable Shows include: Nate Abele and Garrett Woodworth of the Lithium PHP 5.3 project, Travis Swicegood on git and php, PHP Master Michelangelo van Dam at ZendConFrank Wierzbicki on Python, Jython, Java and more.

Voices of the Elephpant  podcast logoVoices of the Elephpant

Voices of the ele-php-ant is hosted by the omnipresent Cal Evans who is a fixture of the greater PHP community. Cal usually fires off a series of three questions and manages to coax out of his guests an interesting interview with a prominent PHP developer. The thing that turns me on to this podcasts interviews PHP developers who are prolific writers but seldom interviewed. For PHP devs like myself this is a great way to see what's going on at the top of the spectrum.

Notable Shows Include: Interview with Keith Casey,  Interview with Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Ralph Schindler, and more.

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