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In our industry, constant education is the norm. If you don't stay up on the latest you risk falling behind and making yourself less valuable to companies. One tactic I use to stay current is to listen to podcasts relating to programming on an almost religious basis. Spend an hour a day on listening to these podcasts and it will change your life. All of these podcasts are available on the web or itunes.

The Changelog PodcastThe changelog

The changelog is absolutely the must listen to podcast if you are interested in cutting edge open source software. Every episode is an in depth interview with the creator(s) of some of the most popular and most esoteric open source projects around. Hosts Wynn Netherland, Adam Stacoviak are really good interviewers and they ask questions skillfully enough to prompt thoughfull responses from their guests.

**Notable guests include: **Douglas Crockford, Zed Shaw, Yehuda Katz, Dr. NicKohsuke Kawaguchi, Thomas Fuchs, John Resig, Felix Geisendörfer and many more. Think of it as a who's who of the developer world.

The Pragmatic Podcast** **Pragmatic Podcasts

The Pragmatic Podcasts are a companion piece the excellent series of books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf. Heard of the Pragmatic Programmer or Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt? This is top quality stuff and these are probably the most technical and entertaining podcasts available for programmers.

**Notable Guests include: **Chad Fowler, Ward Cunningham, Travis Swicegood, Robert Martin, Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas and more!

The Big Web Show PodcastThe Big Web Show

Hosts Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin offer a weekly podcast which is somewhat more design focused, but as the show points out is about erverything web that matters. This show has a guest list that would make Jay Leno jealous and you can usually expect to hear great insights from some of the top talent in our industry. **Notable Guests include: **Dan Cederholm, Matt Mullenweg, Andy Clarke, Jason Santa Maria, Gary Vaynerchuk and more.

The Pipeline PodcastThe Pipeline

On this podcast, Dan Benjamin interviews people who create amazing things. Innovative people, mostly technical but not always. This is a great listen to get somee inspiration. **Notable Guests Include: **Notch(creator of Minecraft), Mike Monteiro, Jeff Atwood, Ryan Carson, John Gruber and many more.

Sitepoint PodcastSitepoint Podcast

Sitepoint is a weekly podcast that doesn't get too heavy into how to make things, but rather discusses the states of current web developments affairs and analyzes the constantly moving trends of the ever evolving internet. This show offers a great set of round table perspectives from the hosts with the occasional special guest.

Build & Analyze PodcastBuild & Analyze

This is a podcast hosted by Dan Benjamin and Marco Arment, the creator of instapaper for iOS. This is usually a long show where Marco rambles on about the finer points of developing for the Apple world and is great if you are even remotley interested in Mobile development. Marco is kind of a douche but I still enjoy his topics.

The Dev ShowThe Dev Show

This podcast is hosted by Dan Benjamin and Jason Seifer and focuses on topics relativing to software development in the ruby, php, java and javascript worlds. (and sometimes perl). Also they hate python because whitespace is significant. This show has a banter that you either love or hate, especially the arrogance and language bashing. I don't think they are making new episodes of this show which is a shame because it was one of my favorites.

Founders Talk PodcastFounders Talk

Hosted by Adam Stacoviak, who also hosts the changelog and focuses on interviewing founders who build companies both online and offline. You can get some great information from people who have already been through the process of starting and running businesses from scratch. This show hasn't been around for long but it is shaping up to become a regular listen.


Hopefully you got a good deal of links to get started. Most of these podcasts are available on iTunes which is great because you can subscribe to them, dump them on your iPod and listen to them on the commute to work. No better way to get pumped for writing code than listening to people who inspire you.

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