WordPress vs. CakePHP as a blogging platform post


I finally decided to start a blogging about my day-to-day work in the programming world. I decided to ask some other bloggers on the CakePHP Google group about their opinions, and I got a few interesting responses. It seems that there is an even split between people writing their own application for showing off and learning, or just going full steam ahead with wordpress to pump ideas out as quick as possible.

From nurvzy AKA Nick Baker http://www.webtechnick.com/blog I wrote mine from scratch with CakePHP, but I'm a DIY kind of guy. It's kind of an even split between the CakePHP bloggers I respect and follow. I know Matt Curry (http://www.pseudocoder.com/) uses Croogo (http://croogo.org/) which is a CakePHP CMS but started out as a WordPress blog (if I remember right). It looks like Mark Story (http://www.mark-story.com) rolled his own with CakePHP. Teknoid uses WordPress (http://nuts-and-bolts-of-cakephp.com/). Neil Crookes uses WordPress (http://www.neilcrookes.com/). Quite honestly it all depends on how much free time you have and want to dedicated to rolling your own. I've worked in WordPress before. It's extremely easy to setup and there are tons of easily installed themes to go along with your new blog. You could have a blog up in a matter of minutes with WordPress. The downside is if you peak into the core of WordPress it's a damn jungle of procedural script with tons of global functions and variables. If you plan on tweaking anything, be prepared for a lot of grep (or install xdebug). I'm not knocking WordPress, it's one of the most successful open source PHP applications out there next to Drupal (another procedural mess IMHO), I'm just not impressed with it past the surface features and have had the (dis)pleasure of tweaking it quite considerably for clients in the past. I will admit (and this is entirely personal opinion), if your blog is primarily going to be about CakePHP — write it in CakePHP. I personally find it rather ostentatious to preach tips on CakePHP, (a PHP framework in which the first app you're building is a damn blog - http://book.cakephp.org/view/1528/Blog), posted in WordPress. When I see "Powered by WordPress" at the bottom of your blog about how CakePHP is awesomesauce, your credibility is shot just a little — but that's just me. No offense to anyone sporting a WordPress blog. You're obviously busy people. Hope that helps, Nick

Wow, Nick. Quite insightful and I have to agree on many of his points. But for some counterpoint to that:

From Crazy: CakePHP is a framework, so you have to write the blog yourself. Wordpress is a blog, no need to do anything. For my blog I use wordpress as I find it kind of stupid to reinvent the wheel. Wordpress has tons of themes, plugins and is configurable enough for a blog. If you don't like something in a theme it's easy enough to modify in the templates. But like nurvzy said, stay out of the actual code, it's a mess.

Great point. I guess that's why I am using wordpress to post this article.

From andre: If you just want to spread your ideas as fast as possible go get wordpress. If you want to get some extra knowledge do it by yourself!

To sum it up, I am probably going to start out in WordPress, but if I have time I will create a new blog in CakePHP proper. euromark also has a great idea for a blog/sandbox where you can try the code snippets based on the blog tip. I might get involved in that and if things work out you will hear more about it soon!

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